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Past History

The players have become known around Neverwinter as mighty warriors and respected adventurers for hire. They have been successful in taking down a group of Asmodae who sought to hinder the recovery of the city by unleashing devils into the streets.
The success of the group attracted attention from guilds and was bringing people from outlying lands in to town as the safety of the city was improved. The city began to see peace as the Company of the Red Shield pushed back orcish raiders and uncovered forgotten gems of history from times before the disaster.

The triumphs of the party were not to last, they started to suspect the Asmodae or another sinister group had infiltrated the city. People started being murdered in the streets, and it seemed that it was always the company that stumbled upon the scene first. The city rallied around the adventurers, but started to whisper after the fifth death was found by the company. Still none dared to directly accuse the group of murder, until the mayor welcomed a half-elf wizard named Davian Gladomain and his beautiful daughter Eiliries into town. Everywhere the adventurers frequented seemed to now be a favored locale of Eiliries. The adventurers were summoned to the Gladomain residence and there Davian threatens the PC’s to leave his daughter alone, and “not go putting thoughts of adventure or slaying dragons into her head.” Ending his rant with or else, he had the PC’s thrown out of his house.

The PC’s tried to avoid Eiliries, but until they confronted her demanding she stop following them and that they were not interested in her and to get lost. They only saw her infrequently from there after often running out of a tavern they were entering. Things seemed to be returning to normal, the murders had slowed and people believed the city watch nearly had the murderers caught.

The mayor called a day of feasting and revelry upon hearing that Davian the Weaver had accepted the call to locate the murderers, and bring them to justice. Cries erupted in the back of the crowd; a weaver was carrying the body of Eiliries. He stated that he and his friends had been heading to the fete when they heard her scream, as they ran towards the sound they encountered the members of the Company of the Red Shield, blood one their hands one holding Eiliries, the other cleaning his sword on her dress. When they saw the weaver and his friends they ran off.

The mayor called for the PC’s residences to be searched, items confiscated until such time that the charges could be heard and justice served. The PC’s were out of town check on a tip from a local miner that goblins has tried to setup camp in a nearby outcropping of rocks. There they found an empty cavern, no signs of habitation and began to return to town. Within sight of the walls they were approached by a Brenys Silverkin, an older lady who helped keep their rooms clean and tidy. She warned them of what would befall them if they returned to the city. Leading them to some ruins or the old city she showed them a portal that would let them escape. She was unsure where it went, but the PCs believed it was their only hope of survival.

Coming out of the mouth of the portal you see a set of three rooms carved out of the hills themselves. After a short time of searching you find the rooms to be empty, dust covering the floors. Walking out of the what you find was a cave you cut away some bramble and bushes that had hidden the entrance from all except the most hawk-eyed scouts. Now a new home waits, the night skies have pointed them to being further east then they have ever traveled. A river runs down towards a body of water that fills the western horizon; . Here the company has taken on a new name to hide themselves from Davian; here they are the Company of the Shadowed Haven.

Previous adventures

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