House Rules

Hit Points

Re-roll ones when rolling hit points for a new level. At 1st-level, take full hit points (no die roll needed). At 2nd through 5th-level, re-roll the die if lower than half the possible hit points before modifiers.

Natural Healing, Stability & Survivability

Characters, through natural healing, recover an additional number of hit points per day equal to their Constitution modifier (double if full bed rest). Additionally, the Constitution modifier is also added to the 10% chance of becoming stable. A negative modifier is considered a +0 for the purposes of these calculations and does not impose a penalty. Also, death only occurs when a character reaches a negative number equal to their Constitution score, but not less than -10, per the standard rules.

Critical Skill Check Success/Failure

On an unmodified skill check roll of 20, a +10 critical success bonus is applied to the check before modifiers (making it a 30 for computational purposes). On an unmodified skill check roll of 1, a -11 critical failure penalty is applied to the check before modifiers (making it a -10 for computational purposes).

Special Skills
Divine 0 level spell
From your first days in the clergy you recite the hymns bringing forth small amounts of power innately
Standard Action Per Spell
Effect:You choose two 0-levels spells from the list known that you are able to cast once per encounter.
Spells cast this way cannot be affected by metamagic feats.
Arcane 0 level spell
before you were allowed to stop scrubbing floors you knew these spells by heart; since then they have become second nature.
Standard ActionPersonal Per Spell
Explanation: Select two 0-level spells. You are able to cast these once per encounter and can do so spontaneously. These spells are unable to be affected by metamagic feats.

House Rules

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